Threat to Russell Page Garden Attracting International Attention

The campaign to protect the landmarked Frick ensemble from destructive expansion is attracting international attention.

GardenMuseumOur friends and colleagues at The Cultural Landscape Foundation (TCLF) have shared with Unite a letter from the Garden Museum, located in London, UK. This comes after German-language newspaper Kunstzeitung reported on the Frick’s “alarming” expansion plan in September.

In his letter to Mayor Bill de Blasio, director Christopher Woodward of the Garden Museum addresses the legacy of Russell Page as a garden designer, and touches upon the significance of his viewing garden at the Frick, here in New York City. Importantly, he shares that the work of Russell Page is to be the focus of a retrospective to be hosted at the Museum in March 2015 – and the Frick garden is to be featured.

Please click here to read the letter from the Garden Museum.

For additional information about Russell Page, visit his “Pioneer” listing on the website of The Cultural Landscape Foundation. The Frick’s Russell Page-designed Viewing Garden was featured by TCLF as part of their annual Landslide initiative, which this year focused on endangered works of land-based art.

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