SCENES FROM A PAINT-IN: Celebrating a landmark anniversary

Inspired by architecture and landscape!

On Tuesday, November 17th, Unite to Save the Frick co-organized – with artist Kate Schelter, blogger James Andrew, and Marina Rust – a sidewalk paint-in to celebrate the 41st anniversary* of the expanded Individual Landmark designation of The Frick Collection, protecting the idyllic Russell Page Garden and the Reception Hall Pavilion, designed by architects John Barrington Bayley and Harry van Dyke.

On the East 70th Street sidewalk, artists – both novice and professional! – propped up their pencils, dipped their paintbrushes and focused their camera lenses on the stately pilasters of the Pavilion and the delightful daisies of the Page garden. The painting en plein aire was an opportunity for all of us who rallied in support of responsible alternatives at the Frick to come together in celebration of these wonderful works of landscape and architectural design – and, importantly, to remind all that the fate of the Page garden and complementary Pavilion is still in limbo. While the Frick is now back at the proverbial drawing board, we must remain vigilant!

paint in_recap_top

paint in_recap_bottom_rev


* Individual Landmark designation was expanded on November 12th, 1974. Click here to learn more about the city, state and national landmark designations of the Frick.

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