Hoelterhoff: “Hey, Fat Cats, Keep Your Mitts Off My Frick”

NYMag_George LangeManuela Hoelterhoff’s article speaks to the highly-personal connection most experience during a visit to the Frick — a relationship that continues long after one departs.

“As most any visitor appreciates the minute they hear the burbling water in the courtyard, the Frick is aspecial place. Elegantly positioned across from Central Park between 70th and 71st streets on the east side of Manhattan, the Frick casts a spell. It’s a wondrous melding of intimate and grand.”

Hoelterhoff continues:

“This proposed tower rises from the garden that extends on the east side of the Frick, a lovely spot viewable from the street and a living monument to the skills of British landscape architect Russell Page. If the Frick’s trustees can look at the bloated beaux-arts plans for the addition and decide to destroy the garden, maybe we need some new trustees.”

(Photo by George Lange/New York Magazine)

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