The Frick’s expansion proposal calls for:


  • Destruction of the Russell Page-designed Viewing Garden and the Reception Hall Pavilion;
  • Creation of over 40,000 square-feet of new, non-gallery facilities;
  • New facilities which will not be exhibition space but primarily offices, a café, a larger gift shop and entry hall, a lab, an underground auditorium, and a loading dock;
  • “Flexible programming space” will be used as revenue-generating event space, not for displaying the Frick’s collection of art;
  • Construction of a 106-foot-high addition, equivalent to an 11-story building.


The current proposal subverts the Frick’s mission, and the proposed uses do not warrant destroying the Frick’s cherished Viewing Garden and Reception Hall Pavilion.



Unite to Save the Frick supports responsible modernization at the Frick. We urge the Frick Trustees and Management not to join the ranks of institutions where expansion has subverted the museum’s core mission, adversely impacting the visitor experience.


There are many creative alternatives available to the Frick that would place it in good stead for the future. Therefore, in addition to saving the Viewing Garden and the Reception Hall Pavilion from demolition, our group seeks to create a framework for constructive dialogue and exploration of opportunities for responsible growth on the Frick Collection’s landmarked site, solutions that will preserve the signature Frick visitor experience long into the future.