Displaying art is not at the heart of the Frick’s proposed expansion, which will primarily consist of 40,000 square-feet of new, non-gallery facilities, to be housed in a massive 106’ tower, equal to the height of an 11-story building. It includes primarily offices, a café, a larger gift shop and entry hall, a lab, an underground auditorium, a loading dock, and “flexible programming space” that can be used as revenue-generating event space. These uses do not warrant destroying the Viewing Garden and Pavilion or compromising the architectural integrity of the Frick ensemble. The Frick should not join the ranks of so many mega-museums where expansion has subverted the institutions’ core mission, adversely impacting the visitor experience.


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—”Save the Frick Collection,” by David Masello. The New York Times, June 12, 2014.

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