Russell Page “founding father” of landscape architecture

PaulHervey_BrookesFaceWriting from the United Kingdom, award-winning garden designer Paul Hervey-Brookes appealed to NYC Mayor de Blasio to protect the work of “one of the founding fathers of landscape architecture … one of the 20th centuries first truly international designers.”

Read the full text of Mr. Hervey-Brookes’ letter below.




February 2015

Mayor Bill de Blasio
City Hall
New York City
U.S.A 10007

Dear Mayor de Blasio

I am writing regarding the proposed changes to the Frick Collection which would
result in the loss of the garden there designed by the internationally acclaimed
landscape designer, Russell Page.

I am not sure how much of you know of Russell Page or his work; The Education of a
Gardener his seminal book is still considered a bible in teaching circles and many
students and designers including myself still refer to his ideas and works. Students and
those interested in gardens still flock to see those gardens of his which survive intact,
and a lithograph of his work was recently published renewing interest in him.

Russell Page is one of the founding fathers of landscape architecture and he is one of
the 20th century’s first truly international designers and he can be counted amongst
the likes of Beatrix Farrand and Lawrence Halprin for the lasting impact of his work.

Therefore as a landscape designer myself, who works internationally, I would like you
to consider the garden he made at the Frick not just as a piece of land owned by a
museum, or indeed a garden set in New York but a garden which resonates with
importance across the sphere of landscape architecture making it an internationally
important piece of garden and landscape.

Imagine New York without the Guggenhiem and this is the kind of loss losing the Frick
Garden of Russell Page would inflict on the cultural legacy of New York and on
landscape architecture.

Yours sincerely

Paul Hervey-Brookes

International Award Winning Designer, Including Gold at Chelsea Flower Show
Lecturer & Botanically Trained Plantsman

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