From France, garden historian calls Frick garden “a precious teaching venue for young designers”


Louisa Jones
07230 Payzac, FRANCE
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Mayor Bill De Blasio
City Hall
New York City
U.S.A. 10007

Dear Mayor De Blasio,

As a French based garden historian twice invited to speak at the New York Botanical Gardens,
with many connections in American gardening, I was shocked to learn of the plans to destroy Russell
Page’s masterpiece at the Frick Museum. When I pass through New York, I always head for the Frick,
my favorite museum. I always spend time simply admiring this garden as a work of art comparable
to those in the galleries. It is unique in being both public and intimate, and must be a precious
teaching venue for young designers. Russell Page has been a mentor for generations of garden
specialists. Personally I reread The Education of a Gardener every ten years and always learn anew.
This garden is also timeless, endlessly refreshing to discover over decades. It would really tear the
heart out of the museum to destroy it. It would also greatly diminish worldwide respect for the
artistic reputation of New York City. I hope you will reconsider.

With best wishes

Louisa Jones (Dr.)
Author of thirty books on contemporary gardens as well as a monograph on Watteau.

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