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The Unite Coalition Remains Vigilant

Welcome to our community’s online forum, where we share the news, event details, and upcoming programs. Our team introduced the solutions that our community needs for the betterment of society. Our development strategies and industry experience keep our projects ahead of time with the best solutions available today.

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It is a great opportunity for architects to learn new methods of building a safer and modern society. It is an informative platform with plenty to learn from the experts.

Alfredo M. Floyd

Learning From The Frick’s Legacy

Carrere and Hastings

Piccirilli Brothers

Samuel Yellin

Thomas Hastings

John Russell Pope

Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr

Russell Page

John Barrington Bayley

Alternative Plan – Key Components

Learn about the best ways to create alternative backups for modern architecture. Find the best affordable and creative infrastructure ideas that will shape the future of architecture.

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New Gallery Space

Explore our architecture gallery to learn about our latest projects.

Library & Administration

Our network connects us with the administrative authorities.

Education Concourse Level

Get online assistance for education and research projects.

Circulation & Support

Help us grow our community in all ways you can by connecting with us today.

We Support Responsible Modernization

Our programs target the areas that need to be fixed for a safer living environment. We are happy to share with you some of the best ideas that we have given to society for modern living and eco-friendly infrastructural standards.

Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis in The Hague

Explore our gallery for the best pictures taken during our projects that highlight our ideas and lifestyle standards.

The Morgan Library & Museum in New York City

We have worked with the government & corporate councils to create quality infrastructure for major buildings and monuments.

Master Plan for the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Our renovation and repair methods preserve the history of our nation while giving a stronger foundation to our most valuable buildings.

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